The Role of Demodex

Although Demodex are ubiquitous in the skin they can cause cutaneous inflammatory responses in certain patient populations.  Rosacea and blepharitis are the most common disease conditions caused by the mite. Demodex mites are also  implicated in meibomian gland dysfunction, atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, ocular rosacea, and hidradenitis suppurativa.

The Solution

Demodex mites are sensitive to specific AChE inhibitors.  These compounds can effectively target & kill Demodex in the skin and eyelid margin. Attillaps has patented all AChE inhibitors with known human safety for the treatment of Demodex-related skin and ocular conditions. Topical and ophthalmic application of these AChE inhibitors limits systemic exposure, further increasing the known safety of these molecules while effectively targeting the mites.

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